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RYL: “OXYGEN:INHALE” is the title of your new album.  What does its release mean for you? Which was its main achievement in terms of lyrics?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: This has been a big one, as it will be the 2nd album we’ve made/released 100% independent, along with our audience and everyone who supports this music.  Our 1st indie release “The End Is Where We Begin,” launched very successful and had a lot of acclaim, so the follow up held a lot of weight. 

As always, we wanted to stay true to inspiration and what felt honest and right for this particular record, and in the end, that’s exactly what we did, leaving any pre-conceived thoughts about what this record was going to look or sound like in the dust.

We wanted it to sound like 4 guys playing their instruments, and hear the fingers on the fret boards, that’s what these songs called for.

Lyrically, the objective was to achieve an honest and inspired new vocabulary for hope, faith, life, struggle and the journey therein.

RYL: Is there a common “theme” among the lyrics of your songs?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: While writing, I dug deep into what Oxygen really represented as the title of this record, and what the symbolism of “Inhale” and “Exhale” really meant. 

I thought about our faith, our human nature, the many different walks of life we all lead, and the fact that regardless of the many details, that universally, all of us breathe in and out and rely on Oxygen every minute of every day to stay alive. 

That’s common knowledge, but fascinating when you really think about it. That led to the album’s underlying theme and slogan, “Breathe Through Me.” 

I pictured prostitutes, addicts, business men/women, tradesmen, musicians, etc, etc, all holding a sign that read, “Breathe Through Me.” Highlighting the fact that love includes “everyone,” we were called to love one another, help and support one another, and to walk life together. 

Those words are our prayer not only for this record, but for our lives. 

RYL:  Tell us everything about our favorite, “Give It to me.” It has a very deep and personal meaning, doesn’t it?


THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: Nice!  We currently open our set with it live. 

RYL: How do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: Our faith is our lifestyle, not our genre of music. Our heart is for people and the struggle that surrounds us, so the conversation always involves “God, what do You want to say? And how do You want to say it?”

RYL: What inspired the lyrics of “Oxygen”?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: Oxygen is our lifeline.  It’s what keeps us alive and breathing. Most of us spend our entire lives taking half breaths when we were created to take full breaths.


To live life to its fullest, to treat every day like it might be our last, and treat other people the same way.  We can’t see it, but we need it.  It exists. It fuels everything we are.

Like our need for Oxygen, our faith is our lifestyle. It’s transparent, it’s who we are, and it’s not minimized to a genre of music.  We make music for everyone. 

Because regardless of what someone believes, or where they stand on the issue, we all go through the same things, and can relate to each other. 

We all need hope, and we all need help. No one is perfect and we certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but who we are and what we believe will always be where our music comes from.

RYL: What is the most important thing you need to have while writing a song? How did you write “Untraveled Road”?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: I write our songs, so for me, my iPhone “HD voice recorder” app, and my portable recording rig. 

“Untraveled Road” is about standing up for what you believe in. It’s about not being afraid to take the first step, or be the first voice, it’s about having the courage to be unashamed, and the faith you need to take a step before you can see the ground.

The “untraveled road” is symbolism for being at a crossroads, and having to decide which path you’re going to take.  Sometimes it takes everything.

RYL: What does you touring look like in early 2015? Will you continue the “Born This Way Tour”?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: We have an amazing year lining up, I can’t officially announce the Fall tour we’ll be on, but it’s going to be INSANE! 

We’re shooting a few new videos (at least that’s the plan), remixing a few things perhaps, and writing for “OXYGEN: EXHALE” while on/off the road!

RYL: Which is your favorite verse ever written for a song?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: Man.  That’s a tough one for me!  They all hold very special meaning! Recently, I’d say the verses/lyrics in “Untraveled Road.” 

Not just because it’s our recent single, but because it encompasses my heart and soul and the urgency our generation has for the truth.  We are fed up with counterfeit.

RYL: Do you remember the day you wrote “War of Change”?

THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH: I do actually. It came together as a rather “Frankenstein” of two songs I had written at the time. I remember the “AH-HA” moment when tying those parts together.  That’s the part I love most in writing!  The Chorus originally, was the Bridge.


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