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Palisades have released “Fragile Bones”, the second song from their upcoming album + Rise Records full length “Erase the Pain”.

‘Fragile Bones’ is about the pressure people feel to be a different version of themselves for whatever reason that may be. Whether to succeed, fit in, play a part, etc. That’s where the lyric ‘You take my fragile bones and you make them your own. You wanted everything til nothing’s left of me’ is from” singer Lou Miceli Jr said. “The external pressures to live to a different standard than who we want to be can be suffocating and feel as though the weight of the world is on our shoulders. And, while that is not really ok, it is something everyone in this band has experienced in multiple levels at different times while we have been on this journey together, so we addressed it head on”.

“Erase the Pain”, which was produced by Howard Benson, arrives on December 28th.



1. Vendetta
2. Erase The Pain
3. Fade
4. War
5. Runaway
6. Ghost
7. Fragile Bones
8. Push
9. Patient
10. Shed My Skin


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