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Papa Roach have already teased their fans with three IG tracks: “Renegade Music”, “Not The Only One” and the title track “Who Do You Trust?”. Now they release the lyric video for “Elevate”.

Working again with producers Nicholas Furlong and Colin Brittain, “Who Do You Trust?” is not only a cohesive evolution from their previous album, “Crooked Teeth”, but also shows the band leaning outside of their comfort zone and furthering their trajectory.
Papa Roach have had their most successful year to date with over 6.5 Million streams a day over multiple playlists.

Over tOver the past two decades Papa Roach have established themselves as true trendsetters in rock music. They’ve been nominated for three Grammys, toured the globe with everyone from Eminem to Marilyn Manson as well as headlining festivals in their own right, and crafted the anthem “Last Resort” which is still in heavy rotation on radio stations worldwide eighteen years after its release. The group’s ninth full length “Crooked Teeth” last year saw the band returning to their hungry and humble roots and illustrated why they’ve managed to remain relevant while musical trends ebb and flow. The band recently passed 1 Billion streams on Spotify and are notching up over 6.5 million streams a day across multiple playlists. Entering a new era of their career, they are the sound of genre walls being broken down, leaving only one thing to say… ”Viva La Cucaracha!”

Who Do You Trust?” Track Listing:
1.  The Ending
2.  Renegade Music
3.  Not The Only One
4.  Who Do You Trust?
5.  Elevate
6.  Come Around
7.  Feel Like Home
8.   Problems
9.  Top Of The World
10. I Suffer Well
11.  Maniac
12.  Better Than Life

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