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LA based alternative pop outfit Paper Jackets shares the lead single “Trigger” off their forthcoming EP Don’t Lose Your Head due out on Selma Records on 8/3.

Paper Jackets emerges from the LA indie pop scene inhabited by producer Ethan Kaufmann — a driving influence of the band’s electrifying, synth-pop sound. The line up consists of lead vocalist James Mason, Emily Dickinson on keyboard, Jonny Vesely on guitar and Miles Franco on bass. The five teamed up in Silver Lake, CA to record the band’s first EP, Don’t Lose Your Head, a 20-minute set of songs that weaves the singer’s natural emotive voice into Kaufmann’s slick production in his East Hollywood studio dubbed “The Elephant in the Room.”

Inspired by artists like The 1975, Grouplove, Misterwives, and Walk the Moon, Paper Jackets offers pop listeners a fist full of glitter amid the layers of their synth inspired sound, memorable hooks and catchy phrases from start to finish.

Stacked high with experimental indie rock and synth-pop gleam, the six track EP is buoyed by keen lyricism. Thematically, the songs conform around the anxiety and tension that nearly every 20-something has grappled with: transitioning from a more careless existence to fitting in with the bewildering idea of what it means to be an “adult.” The EP also calls to attention the damage done to personal relationships caught in the corners of addiction and depression.

Celebratory singles “Trigger” and “Girl” are set on robust choruses and fetching verses. The carefully placed percussion layers and synth progressions provide the base for Mason’s musings. “Trigger” preaches to anyone who has cracked or lost their phone during a night of heavy boozing: Sometimes it’s just easier to find delight in the screw-up and accept it as a souvenir of an awesome night of revelry. “Mary Louise” finds Mason nostalgic for his days living in LA in the mid-2000’s, reminiscing on past friends and times of debauchery. The EP closes with “1985,” a song about never getting older in a fleeting world.

Don’t Lose Your Head – TRACKLISTING
01. Trigger
02. Don’t Lose Your Head
03. Girl
04. Carousel
05. Mary Louise
06. 1985
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