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At 9.50 pm on Saturday, June 1stPrimavera Sound came to a standstill. The 17 stages of the Parc del Fòrum fell silent and the screens all went dark. Thousands of music fans held their breath at the unprecedented development. Suddenly, a burst of static, both audio and video, leapt from the speakers and screens. It was quickly replaced by the irresistible “Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oooooh” wordless refrain of indie anthem ‘Cut Your Hair‘ as a video retraced snapshots of performers from the previous 19 editions of the festival. Finally, it revealed the big surprise:

Pavement is the first band confirmed for Primavera Sound Barcelona and for NOS Primavera Sound 2020 in Porto.

These appearances, after none since 2010, will be the band’s exclusive concerts globally in 2020. They are coming to Primavera Sound to help us all celebrate our 20th anniversary! Everything’s coming together. Pavement, always Pavement.

The first tickets for Primavera Sound 2020 Barcelona will go on sale on Monday 17th June.

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