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Australian synth-pop duo Monarchy release their highly awaited third studio album ‘Mid:Night‘ via Warner Music. The LP includes the singles ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ & ‘Mid:Night’ which have already amassed over 5 million plays on streaming platforms.

‘Mid:Night’ is available on all Digital stores, CD, and Limited-coloured Vinyl 

Over the years, Ra Black & Andrew Armstrong AKA MONARCHY have become one of pop music’s most exciting duos with their own unique brand of euphoric synth-pop. Throughout their career, the London-based band have garnered numerous accolades and achievements including releasing 2 LPs (‘Around the Sun‘ in 2011 & ‘Abnocto‘ in 2015), racking up millions of streams worldwide, performing headline shows in Berlin, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris etc.

Now the dynamic duo are back with their anticipated third LP ‘Mid:Night’– comprising of 8 distinctive vocal-led tracks which explore a variety of themes such as sex, love, lust, conflict and classism set to a playful, uplifting and undeniably catchy sound.

We got bored of being moody and serious, and wanted to have some fun” says the duo.“In a way, I feel we’ve gone full circle, and we’ve gone back to the sound of our very first track from 2009. Kind of slightly French, synth wave, cruisy, a night track. This album really gets that sound, and I think fine tunes it. I like that it’s super short as well. It’s like a nice moment, that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

The album opens with the impressive ‘Back To The Start’ with its upbeat chord progression and infectious vocals, followed by the slickly produced synth-led funk of ‘Deep Cut’. Elsewhere, there’s the electro-tinged pop workout ‘Get Into The Night’, the erotic tour de force ‘Deadset Lust’ with its 70s disco and French Kiss references, and the LP’s first two singles ‘Mid:Night’ & ‘Hula Hoop 800’ which have racked up 6+ million plays on streaming platforms since last year. The LP concludes in suitable style with two seductive songs in the form of the smooth 80s-esque ‘Racies Cousin’ in which racismand classism are personified, and the aural sexathon ‘Cumming Coma’ which brings the album to its climax.

UK-based band MONARCHY is Ra Black & Andrew Armstrong – both originally from Australia. They met in London in 2009 and immediately started to create music together, leading to their acclaimed first album in 2011. Since then, their popularity and prestige has continued to rise. Their second album (released in 2015) included the single “Disintegration” starring burlesque super-star Dita Von Teese. Monarchy has also performed at some of the world’s leading festivals including Coachella, Eurosonic, Lovebox, Pentaport, Mad Cool, Reading and Leeds.

Their new UK tour kicked off on January 23rd at London’s Lexington with a SOLD OUT venue. We’ve been there and took some cool photos that you can find in the gallery below.

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