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How to overcome creative barriers and finish a promising song which has been sleeping in the drawer long enough to be forgotten?

Listen to the song here: https://backl.ink/142707236

DROWN is the second Banding release during COVID -19 pandemic, the creation of electronic Hungarian producer OIEE and Romanian electronic duo NEON having a synth-wave and electro-pop sound with a lot of 80’s nostalgia. 

Every musician has some demos which probably would never see the light unless they share it with another artist.’ – OIEE 

Such an approach has paid off well – OIEE and NEON gave life to a song that came out from their collaboration.

It was definitely a good experience for us and our second international collaboration. We liked the vocals from the very beginning, so we kind of knew what we wanted to do. The production went very fast as we had the master in three working days and some fine tuning details with OIEE afterwards. It’s a good feeling when we work with people who set the prospect of a quality and smooth creative process, and we’re really grateful for it’. – NEON

NEON is a Bucharest based electronic duo that came to life on the foundation of a long term professional collaboration and friendship of the two, Radu Dumitriu and Relu Batog. The project is a fusion of tech beats, house, progressive with a touch of funk bass grooves combined with melodic vocals and synths.

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