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Hello everybody, today Rock Your Lyrics.com is going to tell you the story of PRIDE, one of the most famous song of U2, one of the most famous rock band of all times.

We are in 1984, is the same year that the album Thriller of Michael Jackson is published and it will become the most sold album of all time.

U2 in 1984 published the 4th album called ” Unforgettable Fire” that gets its name after that Bono and the band visited an exhibition in Japan called Hiroshima

U2 in this album talk about LOVE, HOPE and FAITH

Pride is inspired by Martin Luther King that was murdered in 1968 in Memphis

Pride is talking about justice and peace among all the world populations

A huge public success that brings U2 on top of the charts and , for the first time , in USA.

So, in the name of love………


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