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Rising UK alt metal trio Profiler have today released the second single from their upcoming debut EP. Listen to the new song, titled “Alpha Nine” now HERE.

In the band‘s own words “Alpha Nine is a composition detailing personal past struggles with drug addiction. People can become very dependent on needing to escape reality through substance abuse. This is a trait that often occurs in people’s developing years as the intensity of life can be too much for some. This track should be looked at as a message of awareness around this issue. Personally I have escaped the confines of addiction and found solace in meditation and music. It’s OK to not be OK. A recurring theme in this EP is to encourage people to speak up and ask for help even when things seem out of reach.

Profiler will release their debut self-titled EP on the 24th June.

Stream the first single “Miserable” on all platforms now HERE.

1. We Are Extinction
2. Miserable
3. Glitch Theory
4. Alpha Nine
5. Hypocrite


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