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RYL: your last album “Queen of Hearts” has been released few months ago……what makes you particularly happy about it? What it means for your lyrically speaking?

SARIAH: My album “Queen of Hearts” is my greatest accomplishment of my career thus far. I am most happy that it truly captures the messages and the feeling of who I am as a woman and as a Queen.  It makes me proud to have worked with so many talented producers and writers. 

We really took the time to make each song unique and from the heart. 

That is so important to me.  Lyrically speaking, it is the most honest work I have done.  I was nervous at first to release it to the world, especially “Cold-Blooded,” but because it is so honest, that what makes it so special. 

I’m really happy to say that so many of my hearts connect with this album.  I am very thankful.  

RYL: Using one word, how would you define it?


RYL: Is there a common inspiration between all your songs?

SARIAH: This is my SPEAKING OUT LOUD album.  That is the most common inspiration for all of my songs on this album.  Standing up for ME, finally.

RYL:  Do you remember how the lyrics of “Cold Blooded” have been written?

SARIAH: Absolutely.  The song first had a completely different message.  After sitting down with the producers and my co-writer, I let them know that I wanted this song to be my anthem. 

I wanted it to send the message that I will get what I set my heart on and nothing and no one will get in my way.   I also wanted to touch on the “industry” and some of my experiences thus far without giving away too much 🙂

RYL: how do you, usually, write the lyrics and music of your songs?

SARIAH: Lyrics have to be honest, from the heart, and from true experiences. Sometimes I even look around me where ever I am and see what I am inspired by. 

Writing down key words then launch all of these great ideas for titles, themes, and even melodies! 

RYL: what does the lyrics of “Aware Alive Awake” mean to you?

SARIAH: To me, “Aware, Alive, Awake” is a song about giving myself my own permission to move forward and put myself first after a difficult relationship I went through.  Every time I sing this song I feel empowered. 

We all have been through difficult love in our lives and we know how great it feels to finally break free and get back to YOU. 

I am so thankful to say that I will never loose “ME” again.  This took a long time and life is always a journey.  So there will always be new songs to write and experiences to have 🙂

RYL: How “Dirty Fun” has been written?

SARIAH: I wanted to do a total fun, nightclub, dance track!  This is that feel good, lose your mind, and have a great time song! 

We always start our show with this one too because it feels SO fun to perform and to dance to!  

RYL:  Which is the best verse you ever wrote?

SARIAH: This is a REALLY tough question and a good one! I have so many favorites and all for different reasons.  I think the second verse of “Cold-Blooded” co-written is my favorite! 

RYL: Which is the last song you wrote (unpublished) ?

SARIAH: I’m just finishing a song now which I am writing called “Take Me Away.” I love writing ballads because then if you can translate them to a dance track, you know you have a good song on your hands!

RYL: where will you be on tour?

SARIAH: Next stop, a city near YOU!

Twitter : https://twitter.com/sariahmusicnow
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sariahmusicnow

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