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Mad Cool Festival regrets to inform you that, for reasons beyond the festival’s control, Queens of the Stone Age has been forced to cancel their tour. Mad Cool’s organization would like to apologize for this. After two years without being able to celebrate the festival with all of you, they would like to thank you for your excitement to live Mad Cool Festival once again, this time, on its 5th anniversary. Despite the effort made for months to try to keep Queens of the Stone Age in Mad Cool Festival’s line-up, in the end it has not been possible.

They would like to thank you for your understanding, patience and trust in Mad Cool Festival and all that it entails. They will continue working to make this new edition and all the following ones, unforgettable experiences.

Understanding the change in Friday’s line-up, if you would like a ticket refund, it will be available for all of those who have day tickets (Friday, July 8th). In case you want to do so, you can consult the processes to follow and the form to be completed depending on the platform in which you bought your tickets:

Mad Cool Tickets



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