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Elevating the latest single from his 2020 album Book Of Soul’s (QDV Records) with Nashville musician QUINN DEVEAUX releases a jubilant and vibrantly soulful music video for “All I Need,” which finds him flooding the streets of Oakland, California with his patent soulful rhythms and fiery harmonies.

I wanted this song to be a love letter to Oakland,” says Quinn who details the enjoyable filming of the video. “Everyone that came and acted was so cool and patient and dressed well.  It’s also funny to see how people react to a shoot on the sidewalk.  For some people it’s like we aren’t even there, others they walk into the street to get around us and want to be invisible and then others, especially folks with kids, will stop and watch the action which was great.

The video features a dapper Quinn dressed in a striking blue suit, one of which he had planned on wearing when he originally hoped to shoot this video pre-pandemic,  strolling through the Bay Area. “We shot this deep in the pandemic and so having an audience of some kind was a welcome change for me.  It was just a good time blasting music on the sidewalk and dancing with friends and it’s definitely the type of ordered chaos that you find in Oakland and that I love. It was just another day for that town,Quinn says.

Quinn DeVeaux  “All I Need”
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While the track’s music video highlights the artist’s love for the Bay Area — and suits — its lyrical motivation differs, “I was stuck on a certain someone and wanted to make a joyous expression of my love for them, picturing their face in my mind thinking ‘All I Need’ is this. I was professing my love for that someone and saying I hope we are together forever. I just got out of the way as the song evolved. I didn’t mess with it and it’s the only song on Book of Soul that I wrote in one day and had the demo done that day as well,” Quinn explains to BlackBook.

Book of Soul

1. Been Too Long
2. All I Need
3. Come On Home
4. Take Me Home
5. I Think About You
6. Gimme Your Love
7. Walk And Talk
8. Take Me To Glory
9. Good Times Roll
10. Trouble
11. Home At Last
12. Stay The Night

Quinn spent his early years in Gary, Indiana (birthplace of The Jackson 5) living with his grandmother, a former jazz singer. Though Quinn’s early years were rooted in church choir, blues, old-school country and soul were in his blood. In his early 20s, Quinn headed west to Oakland with just a guitar and his golden voice, settling in the Mission District, where he became a founding member of the local group Blue Roots. He then went on to form Quinn DeVeaux & The Blue Beat Review and released a string of well-regarded albums that garnered accolades from the Bay Area music press.

Book of Soul was recorded over two days in Oakland and three days in Nashville, where Quinn currently resides. All the tracks are a modern culmination of soul, country, blues and R&B. “All I Need” is no exception, making Quinn’s composition of all those influences his own.


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