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Following his summer radio hit single “Lil Miss”, Compton native and R&B/Soul Singer/Songwriter Gemaine reveals an energized, 5-track EP titled ‘Shift’ via independent popular. Listen to it HERE.
‘Shift’ proves to narrate the artist’s departure from Compton.  Through the creation and release of his music unto the world, Gemaine was able to discover new parts of the world, and ultimately, tap into a new side of himself. The EP’s infectiously rhythmic tracks showcase the young artist’s distinct talent, capturing his chilling vocal performance as he effortlessly rises to notable falsetto notes and transitions back into smooth, soulful melodies. Sonically, each vibe is driven by R&B’s golden era. 
“This project shows a shift in my whole world and approach,” expresses Gemaine. “My innocence is now gone. I’m no longer curious about what love is. I no longer care. My journey on wanting to have cake and eat it too. Enjoying single life but still wanting to have substance. This dilemma is what brings a colorful yet emotional roller coaster EP.”
Influenced by the sounds of Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Jamie Foxx, Gemaine broke onto the scene in 2014 with his first single, Freaky, racking up over 3 million streams. Gemaine continued to grow exponentially in the R&B realm following the success of the track, releasing his very first EP titled ‘Curious’.

Gemaine’s lead single, “Wait On Me”, shows growth from the first project, but remains true to the artist that Gemaine has strived to manifest. With his signature falsetto, Gemaine uses this single to remind the woman of his dreams to wait for him just a little longer. Meant literally and figuratively, this song is the perfect reintroduction for his fans that have anticipated new music since 2015.


1. Glued To You

2. Wait On Me

3. Lil Miss

4. Tonight ft. Crystal Caines

5. Freak Outta You

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