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how do you usually write your songs?


To be honest it’s different every time!

Usually, John (our singer) will have the idea and basic structure for a song.

He’ll show us what he’s come up with, and the rest of us put the ‘flesh’ on the track. He writes most of the lyrics as well, usually from funny things that have happened or stories from tour haha. 

What is the best verse you ever wrote?

I think it’s Love is The Enemy from our first EP. The lyrics are so strong in that track, it was an ongoing decision whether to have a slow ballad as our first release but we went for it! 


Tell us more about your new song “ceasefire” that will be released in few days….



It’s going to be released on 15th September, and it’s a party banger haha!

We really proud of it, it’s been in the works for a long time but it’s finally all ready to be released!

We think it’s going to go down really well. People have been responding well at the live shows as well which is a good sign! 


Who gave you the most important music suggestion ?


I think we all give each other the best music suggestions.

When we are writing a lot, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to write songs that ‘the fans’ will like, in stead of writing music that We like to play!

Obviously, you have to find a happy medium, but we’ve learnt now to write songs that we really like, and enjoy playing. They are usually the better songs. 


What was the biggest achievement of your last EP?


Our first EP opened a lot of doors for us.

We got to do loads of amazing things off the back of it, like play on Soccer AM twice, and support Starsailor on their tour!

The biggest achievement was probably just earning some great loyal fans who are still with us now. That’s the most important thing I think. 


Which is your favorite all time song (lyrically speaking)?


It would have to be Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys


Do you remember the day you wrote “some people”?


John does actually. He was on holiday in Majorca, sat by the pool, watching the world go by. Watching lots of flash guys in fancy cars! So decided to write a song about it! 


How was playing at “Reading”?


Reading was phenomenal. It was a dream come true.

We’ve know we were playing for over half a year and it’s finally over!

The crowd were incredible and can’t thanks everyone enough for coming out to watch us. 


You will be on tour right?


We have a few shows coming up this year and we are looking to get back on the road early 2018.


Can you share with us your future plans?


We have ‘Ceasefire’ coming out on the 15th, then we have a headline show at O2 Academy on 18th September then we’re going on to support The Sherlocks in London on 22nd September.

We’re also looking to get back in the studio in a few weeks to get another single recorded for October. Busy busy busy! 



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