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how was playing Reading Festival , can you share with us your emotions of playing in front of such large crowd?


Reading festival was really special, for a band of our size to be given the opportunity to play to a large crowd of people who just love new music was a phenomenal feeling.


where we will be able to see you in tour?


We’ll be announcing some dates very soon for the Autumn, we can’t say too much yet but it’ll be a UK tour, with the hope of returning to Europe in the new year.


our webzine discovers how the best lyrics have been written, how do you usually write your songs?


Normally, Sam, Ste and I will head over to either Northumberland or down to Exeter to write.

We write in bulk, we feel like it’s important to have lived in-between each period of writing.

It gives each cluster of songs a specific moment in time to latch onto when arranging, recording and performing them.

We’ll usually take a huge list of ideas that we have collected as individuals over a few months and then bring them together.

We sit for a few hours and get really stuck into taking the piss out of one another’s terrible ideas and then settle on one that Sam or Ste have come up with while I go and sulk whilst making them a cup of tea.

Once the concept is nailed and we are all solidly on the same page it is then just a case of making  sure that no words are wasted and that everything is pointing towards that concept, no matter how obvious or vague that may be.


which is the best verse you ever wrote?


Well, that is a really tricky question, we have never really looked back at our songs in a ranked order of verse preference ha! If we had to choose a favourite verse to perform at the moment, it would probably be a verse in a song called ‘Restless’ – it’ll be out soon and you can judge for yourself haha!



do you remember the day you wrote “I’ll pick you up?”


Absolutely! We had just come off a 7 day bender with Keith Lemon and Jeremy Kyle and it sent us weird so we wrote about it.

No, we were in Northumberland on our fourth day of writing at my family home, pretty sunny day and I am pretty convinced we were eating too much cake (rock and roll I know).

We still have all the demos from our phones. It’s great to look back and hear the songs progress through the arrangement process with Samuel and Harry.


what inspired “be somebody”?


It’s a funny one because we don’t really play it anymore but we are proud of it as a tune and recording.

The lyrical inspiration is, in it’s simplest form, for people to not try and morph into what they think or know other people want them to be like for the sake of becoming somebody to someone else.

That’s it in a nutshell I guess…


can you tell us more about your future projects? An album is on the way?


We’ve got lots of new songs on the way both in the recording process and arrangement.

It’s a nice little sushi song bar that we’ve got going on. There will be a new tune out in the next couple of months and then another before the end of the year.

We’re also going on a tour in October, as I mentioned before. Loads on the way, an exciting 12 months ahead!


who gave you the best music suggestion?


Hmmmm, it’s hard to top being introduced to the Chucklevision cassette when I was around 8 years old. In the last few years the album that has stuck with me once suggested is the debut record by ALVVAYS. Just beautiful.

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