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 what does music means for you?

To me, music is the realest form of expression, an outlet where I can let out my raw and unfiltered thoughts and emotions.

how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
Usually I like to be completely alone when I write, preferably in my car. I tend to be more creative when I tired too, like exhausted kind of tired you know?
It’s weird….weird things are cool.
What inspired “regula”?
Regula was inspired by one of those deep conversations that Rayan (the producer) and I have.
We spoke about our upbringings and all the ups & downs that came with it.
what is the best verse you ever wrote?
I honestly don’t know the answer to that question.
As an artist I’m always trying to be better than the last verse or melody I came up with, constantly critiquing myself…
I’m sure a lot of artists can relate to that.
tell us more about “my flex”…
“My Flex” is my second single off of my up coming project.
The song and the visuals drop on the 13th of October.
There isn’t really any crazy deep meaning behind it, it’s just my flex, your flex, our flex? Turn up bro.
what is your favorite verse ?
Has to be something Belly wrote. Probably his freestyle on funk flex.
what was the best moment of your career?
Seeing that my career is still at its infancy there really hasn’t been that many “highlight reel” moments.
Getting featured on ThisIs50.com was pretty dope though.
when we can see you live?
Hopefully soon, my team’s working on it, I don’t think I can reveal much yet.
IT’S CONFIDENTIAL (DJ Khaled voice).
what makes you happy in life?
My family, making music, and breaking bread with those closest to me.
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