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can you share with us why you have decided to make a cover of “I don’t believe a word”? What Lemmy’s rock means for you?

Lem was the real deal.  I think that he was an amazing songwriter, but that sometimes gets overshadowed by his hard living lifestyle.

We chose that song and the way we interpreted it as a tribute to how his songs can translate no matter how they are performed.

how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I usually read a book or see a movie or read about something weird and make up my own fantasy version of whatever the particular subject is.  Early on it was a lot of comic books and graphic novels, but nowadays it’s usually about the crazy nonsense that’s happening on the news!


tell us more about your new album “remember the story”……

If you like Fireball Ministry you should love this record.

It’s no holds barred hard rock radness.  It is also our 1st album to feature bassist Scott Reeder which is an absolute dream for us.


what inspired “The answer”?

It was inspired by someone I knew a long time ago who is one of those people that can never seem to be satisfied with their life, but also can’t get out of their own way to succeed.

what is the best verse you ever wrote?


Not a verse but:

Left out in the open
In the open
Gave up on seeing eye to eye
Four fires burning
And the black wheel keeps turning
Can’t change the truth until you lie
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and the one of your favorite song? 


Daddy Rollin (In Your Arms) by Dion



What does music mean to you?



I think music is what sets us apart from other animals.  It’s a language that can tell a story or evoke an emotion without any words.

Just like Zappa said:


“Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.”


do you remember the day you wrote “back to earth”?


Yes! I wanted to write an homage to to the NWOBHM and have the lyrics be about the 2 aliens in the movie “Heavy Metal” that do all that drugs when they are flying the spaceship.


what makes you happy in life?


My wife, My Daughter and reissues of amazing albums that come with demos and bonus tracks.  Also Les Pauls.


what is the best thing of being on tour? 


Playing music with 3 people that I love like family and inventing our own Fireball Ministry Language.

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