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Lo-fi, pop punk, and bedroom pop genre fusing solo artist remy is excited to share his first new single of 2022, “drunk at dinner. Stream it HERE.

In his first single since last year’s debut EPyou only call when you want something, remy blasts into 2022 with another chill pop banger. On the new single, remy shares: “drunk at dinner is about the crazy social experiment that is online dating, trying to find love on an app and how difficult it is to meet people in the internet age”. The song captures both a hopeful and carefree vibe while exposing the revolving, “going through the motions” act of app dating. With captivating lyrics and a production style that feels deeply familiar yet completely fresh, remy weaves together stories of love, loss, the mundane and the extraordinary to create a project that perfectly captures the feeling of being a 20-something in 2020 somethings.

Based in NYC, remy started his musical career as a producer/writer – writing songs for artists like The ChainsmokersOlivia HoltAlexander 23, and more. Frustrated with the monotony of writing straightforward Top 40 songs, and longing to make something genuine and impossible to replicate, remy released his first solo single, “useless. Creatively invigorated, remy dove head first into creating and writing authentic, genre-less, songs with pop hooks and hard hitting drums cast in a lofi aesthetic.

Inspired by classic emo artists like The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, and Fall Out Boy, remy effortlessly blends lofi, bedroom pop, pop punk/emo, and alternative beats into a sound affectionately referred to as “if Drake was in the 1975”. With incredibly picturesque lyrics that are immensely relatable, remy‘s Hopeless Records debut, i know why you stay out captures the feeling of melancholy washed in novelty and nostalgia.


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