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Griff has premiered the video for her newest dark-pop anthemBlack Hole,” directed by UK duo SOB.  The striking new visual sees Griff examine a past relationship through a surreal, Alice in Wonderland-esque journey from the sewing room into self-discovery.

Released last week, “Black Hole” confirms Griff’s arrival amongst the big leagues of British Pop. She’s had a breakout start to 2021, making the top 5 in the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2021 poll and was also named one to watch by Amazon UK, MTV UK, ELLE UK and more. Additionally, she appeared on Disney’s record-breaking Christmas ad campaign with the beautiful “Love Is A Compass.” Born to Chinese and Jamaican parents just outside of Watford, England, she began making music by borrowing her brother’s Logic: teaching herself how to produce songs in secret from her classmates (many of whom only found out what Griff was up to when they heard her on the radio whilst she was in high school).

Indeed, Griff has the type of curiosity and creative control that draws no boundaries between making beats, designing her own clothes, or shooting a music video on her iPhone during lockdown. While it’s easy to forget, Griff’s rawly vulnerable lyrics on tracks like “Black Hole” are a vivid reminder of how vast her potential still is. Here are acutely observed tracks on those of teenage friendship (“1,000,000 X Better”), mental health (“Say It Again”), stinging formative breakups (“Forgive Myself”) and the importance of family (see viral ballad “Good Stuff,” and its moving account of Griff’s family fostering kids). In Griff’s hands, all these experiences are turned into something uniformly positive, and make her particular model of bedroom pop feel fitting for a legion of young girls to follow. In a pandemic – or a “Black Hole” – Griff’s future shines startlingly bright.

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