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Seoul, 19th  August 2017

Imagine to have a singer with an amazing voice, a fantastic talented guitarist and a fine piano player …. put them together and you have Richie Kotzen!

This simply describe the kind of musician I had the chance to see at the Hyundai Card Understage, a very cosy venue in Seoul where he played for a young and lucky Korean audience plus one Italian (guess who😁).

The show started on time at 7pm with Richie, Dylan Wilson on bass and Mike Bennet on drums with the powerful “end of earth” from the new album “Salting Earth” leading to one hour and half of great music.

Small venues have the power to amplify the emotions, you can see the guys in their eyes and this gives access to a different level of involvement with musicians…. and there you can appreciate the real quality …the guys played so good and so well together that the excitement is still there the day after!

Richie shifted playing guitar to keyboard back and for showing the talent this guy has beside an incredible voice, Dylan and Mike were superb teammates with both delivering entertaining solos adding pure quality to Richie’s music.

Disappointing note I really wanted to hear “war paint” but clearly with so much repertoire it is inevitable something get not selected ….well one more reason to go back and see Richie in the next occasion….this tour will take him to Europe in the next weeks ….check it out on richiekotzen.com and don’t miss that chance!


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