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Multi Platinum punk band, Rise Against and highly lauded photographer/filmmaker, Rob Fenn have released “Whereabouts Unknown” – a 272 page, 12″ x 9” hard cover photo book capturing the raw energy of Rise Against and their worldwide fanbase.

Fenn has chased the band all over the world documenting life on the road with Rise Against and their rabid fans to provide a unique glimpse of a band that for 18 years, has kept its moral compass steady, using their international punk platform to speak out for social justice.

Lead singer Tim McIlrath says about the book:

I wish we could bring all our fans on the road with us, to take them with from city to city and see what an amazing global community they are all a part of. To help show you what we mean, we bring you WHEREABOUTS UNKNOWN. After meeting photographer Rob Fenn and seeing his visceral photos, we realized he has the eye and enthusiasm to capture and attempt to harness some of the energy and passion that we ride from show to show.

Whereabouts Unknown‘ is available now from www.robfenn.com

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