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CGBG….. an historic place in New York for all the people that love rock n roll; there, at the end of the seventies, you could have found musicians like Patty Smith or Ramones or…. Stray Cats

Stray Cats played an important part on the scene, they were formed in NY in 1980, they recorded 10 studio albums, last one released nine years a go in 2004.

There are not definitive news about the origin of their name, in general, the information related to the band are not really available.

The members are Brian Setzer ( singer and guitar), Slim Jim Phantom (drums) and Lee Rocker (bassist), their music is between jazz, classic rock and rockabilly.

“Rock this town” was one of their major successes, written in 1982 and part of the album “built for speed”, it became part of the Rolling Stone top 500 song that made the history of Rock N Roll.

We love particularly the part of it when the guy is escaping from all the disco-music thing and says to the girl, let’s go out there – he doesn’t stand disco music! We loved it!


We’re gonna rock this town, rock it inside out

We’re gonna rock this town, make ‘m scream and shout

Let’s rock, rock, rock man rock, rock

We’re gonna rock till we pop, We’re gonna roll till we drop

We’re gonna rock this town, rock it inside out


The video of the  song is just amazing, have you seen the Brian’s hair?!!?

Lately the song has been used as a soundtrack of the movie Coyote Ugly

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