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tell us more about your upcoming tour…..

We’re hitting a lot of cities that we’ve been hitting hard over the last few years. Sonoma County, San Luis Obispo County, Tahoe, Portland, Sacramento, and of course Santa Cruz.


are you satisfied of your new album “roll with it”? What was the most difficult moment in its realization?

We’re extremely satisfied with the new album.

We’re very proud of it. Making an album has its ups and downs but we really believed in the songs for this album so any difficulties we had throughout the process were easy to overcome.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


It’s generally while I’m in my room playing an acoustic guitar. For my brother, it’s while he’s playing piano.

Sometimes you have to really work for the lyrics and sometimes they can come very easily. You never know.


do you remember the day you wrote “what’s wrong with me”?


That was a song my brother wrote years ago.

It had a much different feel and chorus. Years later he reexamined it and turned it into a ballad to what it is now. It’s become one of our favorite songs on the album.


and “You and Me”?


“You and Me” came fairly quickly. I kept playing it to myself over and over so that’s usually a good sign for me that it’ll become a good song.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


Oh man. It’s too hard for me to think of one of my own songs so I’ll choose one of Jamie’s..

I think the first verse of “What’s Wrong With Me” that Jamie wrote is great.


and the one of your favorite song ?


Every Tom Petty song.


what does music means for you?


I have no idea. I know that it’s part of me.

I know that it’s in everything I do but beyond that I don’t know.


what inspired the song “love of mine?


My brother wrote that song years ago.

It has become a staple in our set. A few years ago we started medleying it with “Golden Slumbers.”


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