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 Your album “Rub My Mind” is having a great success! Why do you think it resonated with so many people?

It’s because it’s pure emotion with no lies.

It’s how I’ve felt and anyone who has ever truly loved and lost, been lost on the path, or ready to give in fully…they know these feelings.

The music has much more power when the lyrics are so raw and honest.

How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

They just come immediately when hearing the chords of the guitar.

There’s no writing lyrics out first, just happens when the guitar gently weeps…


What was the soundtrack to your childhood?


Motown. My mother played that so much that I knew it all and loved it. Still do.



Is music something that runs in your family, or were you the first to venture into the industry?

Absolutely the first. No one in my family plays an instrument nor cares much at all music or live music too. I’m the first crazy one!

How did you first get your foot into the industry?

Just recorded an EP and uploaded it for free on MySpace back in 2010 and a famous DJ from Los Angeles called Rodney Bingenheimer (KROQ radio station) discovered us from there.

He invited us to America from Greece for a show and we sold everything we pretty much owned to get there. Big risk that paid off with lots of hard work and non stop touring.


What has the journey been like up to now?

Hard and fun at the same time.

What inspired Hole of Isolation?

Just this madness we sometimes put ourselves through mentally.

We do have the power to create a great life for ourselves. This song really pushes me to remember that.

And, “If I fall”?

That’s about taking your own life through suicide. A very important part of this whole album.
Are you ever scared of revealing, quite vulnerable aspects of your experience, to strangers through your music?

That’s all I do. I put my real feelings and thoughts in the music and it’s super clear. I’m naked in the lyrics. Open for scrutiny.


Do you remember the day you wrote “back in the ussa”?

Yes, we were going to Rancho De La Luna studio in the Joshua Tree desert and we had heard the Beatles “Back In The USSR” on the radio…then we went to rehearse: and out came our song instantly. Even the lyrics were done in 5 minutes.

It all came out as one little explosion of fun music.


What is the best show you ever played?

Wacken Open Air In 2016.

No one knew us and we totally destroyed and opened up minds to something not typical “metal” or like that.

Even the owner of the festival watched and didn’t move until we were over. It’s always great to blow open minds with a new sound and musical direction that is unique in every way.

That show will go down in our history as a legit moment where we ruled the stage as good as any band ever will.

There’s a full concert video of it up now thankfully. I like watching it once every few months to remember how fun it was to play.

Photography Jack Lue with permission of the band

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