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We are in 1967, in November, one of the most famous music magazines in the world is about to be launched (in its cover a John Lennon wearing a military helmet).

The Rolling Stones are launching the album in USA titled: ” Between the Buttons” that will have a lot of success songs, some of them controversial , like : Let’s Spend the Night Together, Connection, Back street girl and Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday initially was planned as SIDE B of Let’s spend the night together that had a lot of problems with the very conservative radio public of those times

The DJs decided then to play instead Ruby Tuesday that rapidly became a success

The song was written by Keith Richards in his hotel room and was inspired by one groupie that was with the band during that period

As Mick sings on the final part of the song:

“Goodbye, ruby tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still Im gonna miss you…”

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