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Soulful Melbourne artist Sannia released her debut single Go And Get Over, a strikingly vulnerable track that documents the trying and slow process of moving on.  The newcomer has also announced a clip to accompany the track, directed by Giulia Giannini McGauran (Meg Mac, Alex Lahey, The Rubens).  To celebrate Go And Get OverSannia will be playing an intimate show in her hometown on Friday July 13 at the Wesley Anne in Northcote, supported by Ruby Gill and Eaglemont.

Go And Get Over is resigned and raw – and it comes from that special place of unwavering sincerity; so intimate that the listener can instantly hear the reverberations of a tumultuous past, just through her breathtakingly emotive vocals.  The melody climbs and peaks in all the right spots, buoyed by gentle production that allows space for that distinctive voice to shine, and the narrative to take place.  When reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Sannia says, This song developed really organically for me, I was actually driving home late one night and just sort of started singing the first words that came to mind to keep myself awake… Go And Get Over is about literally just that, the cyclical process of moving on from someone while at the same time reminiscing on everything that was and what it’s become now, which I think a lot of people can relate to.  You almost go through these sort of seven stages of grief – leaving them, missing them, going back, getting hurt, and trying to exact change – it takes its toll.”

The clip for Go And Get Over is the perfect reflection of the track; minimal, but beautifully shot, with repeated motion and perceptive editing working together to deliver a stark message about the vulnerability of starting over.  Directed by Giulia Giannini McGauran and shot by cinematographer Nick Campbell, this clip is as stirring as the track itself.  Speaking on the clip, Giulia says, The video clip explores the cycle of seperation in relationships, from the routine developed after being in someones company for so long to working it out alone.  Earlier in the clip we see synchronised motions and later things begin to seperate into moving parts.  The limited palette seeks to highlight how we remember things – only focusing on certain aspects.”

Sannia is set to hit the stage on Friday July 13 at the Wesley Anne in Northcote to celebrate Go And Get Over and is thrilled to perform the track live, alongside a plethora of unreleased music. Giving audiences a taste of what to expect, she says, “I’m the most honest version of myself when I’m on stage, which sounds incredibly clichéd, but it’s true.  I’m full of lame jokes and other laughable coping mechanisms most of the time, but when I’m onstage I have no choice but to unconditionally embody the music I’ve created, and since it comes from a deeply personal place, it’s essentially baring my heart and soul to the room.  I’m also incredibly privileged to work with some pretty amazing musicians that are not only insanely talented but genuinely caring people that I feel comfortable being myself around and drawing these sounds out from within.”

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