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The year is 1969 (45 years a go), the place is Woodstock in USA, Santana (and his band), for the first time, reaches not only a wider audience, but also an international fame.

In fact, all the bands that played on that stage became rapidly famous; Santana , just after it, signed his first record deal with Columbia and started a very successful career.

Many are the number 1 singles released by him and his band, few examples: ‘Black Magic Woman’, ‘Why Don’t You & I’, ‘The Game of Love’, ‘Maria Maria’ and ‘Smooth’.

For more than four decades, Carlos has been the visionary force behind artistry that transcends musical genres and generational, cultural and geographical boundaries.

His last studio album is dated 1994, despite that, every time Santana is in town, his concerts are sold out in very few days.

In fact, participating to a performance of Carlos, is a once- on- a lifetime experience; be sure, it will not be just music, he will deliver emotions.

For this reason, if you haven’t done it yet, write down in to your agenda that the 20th of February, in occasion of Dubai International Jazz Festival,  you will have to be in Dubai Festival City to see one of the most important rock legend ever existed.

Anthony Younes, Co-Founder and CEO of Chillout Productions said : “By adding Santana to the list, we will have the biggest line up in the Middle East’s festival history with a mix of music genres that makes the Dubai International Jazz Festival® an event for each and every one – satisfying all age groups and music preferences.”

For more Information please visit the festival’s website @ http://www.dubaijazzfest.com and for tickets (prices from 350 dhirams 🙂 ) please visit www.ticketmaster.com .


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