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Today, Swedish pop duo Hearts & Colors unveil their brand new single, ‘Too Many Friends’.

Initially launching their career as an indie-folk duo, After being signed by independent label Firefly entertainment, best friends Philip and Nico became hugely successful on Spotify, with their song ‘Lighthouse’ achieving 117 million + streams. Originally written in Nashville, the track was then remixed by producer Andrelli (Rihanna, Lady Gaga).

Prior to this, the pair cultivated their own prodigious following on YouTube, modestly posting powerful acoustic cover songs by the likes of One Direction, Justin Bieber & Bruno Mars. Their efforts saw their views soar to over 10 million.

“We did it for fun, without any real intentions,” they recall, “but the feedback was so overwhelming – we just kept posting, and posting..”

‘Too Many Friends’, their latest offering, came to fruition quickly. Written and produced while the guys were taking some down time in Bournemouth, England, it is a product of the guys wanting to write something light and easy to take in, a poppy, sun-drenched track, bursting with feel good, positive vibes.

On the track, Nicholas says:

“Philip had this idea for a riff on the guitar and we just kind of went from there, finishing the song a couple of hours later.

Since this little baby has been in our nest for almost a year now, we are super excited to finally share this this track with everyone and perhaps see it fly!“

Hailing from a small town just outside of Gothenburg, Hearts & Colors make music with ambition and impact that will see them reach far further afield.

Their success has accelerated at such an incredibly fast pace – one that that shows no chance of slowing down any time soon.

Sweden will always be home, but Hearts & Colors are ready to get out into the world and make their mark in pop music.




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