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We have just finished reading the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis ( for the ones who don’t know, he is the singer of Red Hot Chili Peppers) and we couldn’t wait to tell you everything about it.

Well, not really everything ( we don’t want to spoil the surprise), but, for sure, we will tell you few things that will make you go to the nearest bookstore and buy it before somebody will steal the last copy from the shelves.

Let’s start from one thing; if you will ever meet Anthony, please tell nothing to him 🙂

He has,in fact, a great memory……in his book (helped by Larry Sloman, amazing author) he is talking about things happened maybe 20 years before with an amazing clarity……it really seems that he had the opportunity to write down places, names, hours and even the weather condition.

You will be amazed about it, as you will be amazed that, after all the drugs, parties, alcohol and God knows what, he is still alive and rocking like a twenty years old man.

Today he is turning 50, he was 41 when he wrote this book (2004).

Going trough the pages you will have one privilege, you will discover the story of a band that revolutionised the contemporary rock and roll, mixing different styles like funk, punk rock, funk metal, hard rock and much more.

You cannot define the style of the Red Hot……it is something so unique that it would be a pity to formalise it in words.

The book is a very personal journey in a life that was not easy to live, but quite full of experiences.

Women, Drugs, Music and Friends are the words we can use to describe the entire work.

Women: quite a lot and beautiful (have a look on the pictures published inside the book), some of them maybe insane, but all in love with him

Drugs: quite a lot, mixed with alcohol….LSD, cocaine, heroine, speed, weed and more…..

Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers sound…… a lot of guitarists, a couple of drummers, one singer and one bassist

Friends: a lot, some of them fake, some of them real, some of them died (Hillel), but only one of them is more than a brother for Anthony………Flea

If you are passionate (like us) of lyrics, you will be able to discover the meaning of some of the most important songs of the band.

And you will discover as well their songwriting and how they are creating their music…… you will cam to know about the “face-offs” method and maybe, if you are in a band, you will apply it to your songs (don’t forget to credit the Red Hot for that 🙂

What else to say……… we want Anthony to do another book…..the one that talks about all it happened from 2004 till today! we want to know the back scene of the last few years, we want to know what he thought when John Frusciante left the band in 2009 and much more about him!

Well, are you still there? GO!!! You will not have to miss this book!!!!!!!

Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman, 2004 Hyperion Books

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