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Following the release of debut EP ‘Bloom’ in May 2017, Surrey pop-rockers Seasonal have revealed that their sophomore, ‘Weathered’, will see release via Undead Collective Records on 12th October. Available for pre-order here, frontman/bassist Matt Truseler reveals: “Our music has definitely evolved over the course of the year – whilst musically we still sound like the same band, we found ourselves enjoying writing higher tempo tracks.” Linking the release’s title with its artwork, Truseler explains the creative: “After seeing a photo album a friend of ours shot and kindly letting us use a photo from Old Car City in the States, we settled on ‘Weathered’. It signifies our progression away from being a new project and really maturing our sound, taking it to the next step, as a band.”

Without further ado, the quartet has also unveiled the first of the record’s five-tracks, with an accompanying video – ‘Honestly’, with them revealing of its inspiration: “It’s about a breakup. But it’s not quite the standard cliché of slating an ex in a song – it’s about it being done in an honest, up front way, for the best of both parties – although still feeling like you’re the bad guy. Shot in black and white to signify that some decisions are just that, we enjoy the result of the style of individual performances being combined in the edit.”

With a line-up rounded off by guitarists Max O’Neill and Alex Coombes and drummer Alex Tickner, Seasonal began life as a trio in 2016, later recruiting Alex on the strength of demos. Initial material was promising but something was not sitting quite right. As they continued to experiment, a change of tuning signified their light bulb moment and from this process their moniker was plucked: “The name of the band really just came from the change in the attitude and way we approached the project, like a change in the seasons,”summaries Truseler.

Opting to return to Hidden Track Studios to again work with producer Oz Craggs, this time around they had the benefit of playing some of their new material live before committing it to the recording desk. Not straying from the emotive and heartfelt pop-rock sound displayed on ‘Bloom’, ‘Weathered’ sees them channeling summery vibes and up-tempo grooves in the ilk of Jimmy Eat World, Fireworks and Moose Blood. Truseler explains of it as a whole: “The general theme, presented through different scenarios, is wonder, and not knowing how choices you have made have changed your path. What if you did something different? We like to talk about a lot of personal stuff in our songs and hope with ‘Weathered’, like with our debut, we will receive some lovely messages from people saying what the songs mean to them.”

‘Weathered’ Track Listing: 1. Strangers 2. Honestly 3. Drift 4. High & Dry 5. Twelve

Seasonal Currently Confirmed Dates: 01.09.18: The Marquis of Granby, Epsom | 02.09.18: The Slaughtered Lamb, London | 28.09.18: The Fighting Cocks, Kingston | 29.09.18: The Hub, Northampton | 09.10.18: 229 The Venue, London


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