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Toronto pop-punk band Seaway have premiered a brand new video for their cover of ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars. The video sees the band in full karaoke force.

“We had so many different songs we wanted to cover while we were in the studio last spring that it almost didn’t happen because we couldn’t decide on one. In the end we decided that “Just What I Needed” is probably one of the more “out of left field” songs for us so we went with that. Since the song came out 14 years before we were born, it kind of seems like a song that is being kept alive in karaoke bars across the world so that’s how we landed on the video idea. We rented a private karaoke room and invited all our friends to come sing it with us all night.”Seaway will be touring Europe with State ChampsStand Atlantic and Woes, catch them at the shows below!

NOV 03 – Muziekodroom, Hasselt, Belgium
NOV 04 – Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands
NOV 05 – Knust, Hamburg, Germany
NOV 06 – Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany
NOV 08 – Feierwerk, Munich, Germany
NOV 09 – Das Bett, Frankfurt, Germany
NOV 10 – Zeche Carl, Bochum, Germany
NOV 11 – Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris, France


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