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How do you feel about the success obtained by the first two singles off of your EP Seeks?

I feel really good about the response thus far! It’s always amazing to see people bob their heads to a creation you conceived in your mind, then put to tape and then taken to the stage.

We look forward to continuing to build on the initial response and to releasing the entire EP in the coming weeks.

Is there a link between all its songs, lyrically speaking?


My lyrics are reflections upon my life and serve as an emotional outlet for me; frankly one of my very few true emotional outlets where I don’t hold things back.

On this EP, themes tend to revolve around a certain push and pull between individuals and personalities.

It’s this juxtaposed sense of love and longing, but also the harsh reality of the difficulties of making relationships work.


What does music mean to you?


It’s everything. I consume it non stop, I love making it and most of all love playing live for people.

It’s my most vital emotional outlet and literally keeps me balanced and sane amidst the chaos that is daily life.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


Wow. Tough question. One of my favorite lines thus far is from my track “Too Far To the Right” wherein I state, “You tighten up now.

You grip the armrest, you’re counting down in your head from five. I’m not a doctor. But I’ve the right to prescribe you whatever’s in this vile.” I find it to be a super visual line, and can literally see the scene playing out whenever I listen to or sing that line.


What is your favorite song? 


A track by John Mayer called “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”. Timeless, simple, immediate and absolutely gorgeous.


What inspired your new song “Everybody’s Somebody”?


The track was inspired by an evening I spent sitting on the grass along the Hudson River in my hometown of NYC.

I was watching people walk past along the walking path on the River and kept thinking I was going to notice or recognize somebody or see somebody important.

I realized then that everybody was important in their own right and had a story, and everybody was somebody to someone.

I thought it was an important and universal realization that I came to that I wanted to share through a track.

What’s the story behind “Lover In the Dark”?


Lover in Dark is about a love so intense that it becomes almost dangerous and frightening.

It’s a track about that line; the line that becomes blurred because you’re not sure whether the love is a good one or in fact, unhealthy.

The track details the struggle with that concept.


What is your favorite Saturday night record?


Depends on what I’m doing on that Saturday night! If I’m staying in with a bottle of red, I’m currently listening to James Blake’s “Overgrown”.

If I’m trying to go out and have a night I might turn on Flume’s self titled record to catch a vibe.


Personal question – What makes you happiest in life?


It’s both performing music live and leading or delivering positive outcomes for people who are counting on me.



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