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“She makes my hearth racing”, this is the meaning of the title of this song part of the first album of Stone Roses between 1989 and 1990.

Its verses are really controversial according to many interpretations; some of them are thinking about the song is about heroin and the effect that  “she” has on the body ….. the heart is racing, you drink juices and bread, you cannot stand on your feet, “the needle that hits the groove” : this experience is very difficult to translate in to words and only she knows how he really feels.

Some other (among them, direct interviews to the band members), they just think that the song is about a “love story”, about living again after a break up, about meeting new people, making love, being happy …….she only knows how I feel , she is the only one that bangs the drums of my new life.

Listen to the song one more time……… which interpretation is the most correct in your opinion?

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