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An ode. A metaphor. To finally understand the beauty and strength that comes from “being on your own”. That’s what Shébani‘s new single is about. ‘Higher’ represents the determined clarity that is finding solace within yourself. Knowing that you are capable of moving forward in life with the support of just one person; and that person is you.
I finally found my sacred space, where thoughts are loud, no heartaches allowed to touch me lately.” – says Shébani.
Where hypnotizing PBR&B collides with dreamy Neo-Soul sounds, Shébani’s mystical vocals harmonize swiftly on a bed of love guitars and drums. Accompanied with a DIY and self-produced visual in which the artist created herself, further embodying the song’s ethos. As expressed in the song, ‘Higher’ promises to make the listeners “close their eyes” and “drift away”.
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