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Michael Marquart, A BAD THINK(http://www.abadthink.com), answers today on few questions related to the new album SLEEP and his lyrics process.

RYL: We have just listened to your new album “Sleep” and we love it! What does it represent for you the song that gave the title to it?

A BAD THINK: The title track “sleep” is one of my favorites on this album. It started out as a lullaby for my girls when they were very young. I would tuck them in and sing it to them before they went to sleep.

Half way through the song, it moves into a waltz where I envision her having the perfect dream, at a fancy ball wearing the perfect gown dancing the waltz with her prince charming on the best night of her life.

RYL: Lyrically speaking, what is the difference between this album and the previous ones?

A BAD THINK: I don’t know if I can pinpoint a difference. When I write the songs, (music always comes first) I just let the lyrics move on their own path and try not to guide them too much, or get in the way

RYL: What inspired the lyrics of “One Against Another”?

A BAD THINK: It’s a human nature point of view. Everyone seems to be fighting to get what they want while forgetting the consequences in the process. They don’t care who they hurt along the way. Some people are willing to do anything for the things they want, but will never have, like compassion, empathy, or self respect.

RYL: how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

A BAD THINK: I start with vowel sounds and work my way out from there. I find words that sound like the vowels I like and start piecing together bits at a time.

RYL: which is the best verse you ever heard in a song?

A BAD THINK: “A star that’s traveling so far, just to find you here and now, like the breeze that’s seen so many trees, just to find you here and now”. Here and Now by Spartan Fidelity

RYL: and the one you ever wrote?

A BAD THINK: “those angry words, can dull the knives of lives they save, are left in short supply”

RYL: “Anyday” is, according to ITunes chart, the favorite song of your fans, why in your opinion? It was 2006, do you remember writing it?

A BAD THINK: I do remember writing it, but I do not know why it is a fan favorite. My wife was going through breast cancer treatment at the time. It was a rough time, and I got a little obsessed with life and death and what comes after when it is all said and done.

RYL: We know you will not be on tour for a while, is there any particular reason why you have taken this decision?

A BAD THINK: I am actually going into rehearsals next month to start doing some shows

RYL: Tell us everything about a song we love “On and On”….

A BAD THINK: In this life a lot of things change but the song, On and On says that there are things that will never end, such as the need to be loved. Good vs evil, the quest for power. Many of us just keep searching, and that will always go On and On.

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