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Sleep On It released a brand new song called “Falling Further Faster”. It was the last song written and recorded during “Pride & Disaster” studio sessions. Stream the whole record HERE.

At the beginning of the week, fans who registered to vote and sent the band proof, were rewarded with an early listen. In a collective statement the band said: “As many of you already know, 2020 is a big election year in the US. We here at Sleep On It believe strongly in educating yourself about large-scale issues and how the decisions of elected officials affect us all. We are not here to stand on a soapbox and tell people how to vote; rather, our goal is to encourage you all to learn and get involved. We believe it is very important. Your voice and your vote matter”.The band’s newest album “Pride & Disaster” is out now. Fans can check out the music videos for the singles “Under The Moment”“Hold Your Breath” and “After Tonight”. The band and album were highlighted as one of Billboard’s emerging artists of 2019.

Sleep On It is comprised of Zech Pluister (vocals), TJ Horansky (guitar/vocals), Jake Marquis (guitar/vocals), and Luka Fischman (drums).

“Pride & Disaster” Tracklist:

1. Racing Towards A Red Light
2. Hold Your Breath
3. Babe Ruth
4. Under The Moment
5. Fix The Dark
6. After Tonight
7. Take Me Back
8. The Cycle Of Always Leaving
9. Logan Square
10. Lost & Found


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