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The latest single “Forget You” out now from Melbourne rockers Slowly Slowly brings an unforgettably upbeat moment in time as the group fuse pop-ready melodics with sharp introspection. Stream it HERE.

A speedy follow up from the band’s recent stripped-back alternate version of their track ‘Nothing On,’ “Forget You” brings back the bounce alongside nimble hooks, bright tones and percolating beats. An instant indie rock tour de force with plenty of endearing pop sensibilities, ‘Forget You’ blossoms from the foundations laid by the band’s most recent tracks, exerting the addictive charm of the original “Nothing On” and the reflective jaunt of “Blueprint” while injecting a fresh new sonic sheen and tackling personal reinvention.

Expertly weaving some pensive subject matter with the irresistible surrounding instrumentals, Slowly Slowly ooze with agility and maturity on “Forget You”, with vocalist Ben Stewart‘s candied eloquence shrewdly balancing light and shade, as he elaborates: “This song feels obvious in its intention, but what you may not assume is that it is actually aimed completely inwards – it’s about forgetting past versions of myself, not someone else. As we all often are, I am constantly navigating my tornado of neurosis. This song touches on the notion of ‘okay starting again frommmmmmmm….now’ – how we convince ourselves it’s a new day, but when you zoom out it’s the same cycle every time. I retain hope, but often, unfortunately, am quick to write all attempts off as futile”.

Currently hitting the road for their Nothing On Tour, with Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth still to come, Slowly Slowly are swiftly staking their claim on 2022. Joined by singer-songwriter Shannen James at all remaining shows, who also featured on the group’s recent alternate version of their track “Nothing On”, the band will also be joined by some stellar locals in each city. Act quick to catch Slowly Slowly live in action before their next adventure!


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