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Earmilk has premiered the video for Small Leaks Sink Ships new single “Psychotic Opera”.

It is the second single off their forthcoming LP ‘Golden Calf’, out 10/13 via Lefse Records.When talking about the video drummer/vocalist London VanRooy says, “Psychotic Opera is meant to come off as an argument between two people but in actuality is a psychotic breakdown within one’s own mind.”

Prior to this, the band shared the video for their first single “Dancing Devil” on The 405.

Pre-order the album here!

Small Leaks Sink Ships https://www.facebook.com/smallleaks/ is a four piece progressive art pop band currently residing in Portland, OR. Members consist of London Van Rooy, Judd Hancock, Jim Mandel, and Ryan Garner. The band merges synthetic samples and beats from scratch with the raw power of Acoustic instruments lead by a duo of distinct vocalists creating an eclectic and unique sound.

Small Leaks has been through their fair share of obstacles over the years starting with a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2010 with member, Ryan Garner followed by a cancer diagnosis in 2011 with member Judd Hancock. By means of perseverance and pure stubbornness, the band managed to stick together through both recoveries delivering two Full Length albums and a 5 track EP. Now, the quartet ventures out to create their fourth installment, “Golden Calf” set to bereleased at the end of summer 2017 on Lefse Records

01. Creepin’
02. Dancing Devil
03. Airplane Junkyard
04. Dear John Connor
05. Subtle Sadnees
06. Psychotic Opera
07. Druglord
08. Not Counterpoint
09. Tethered Wires

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