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Jason O’Daniel, voice of Social 66 (http://www.reverbnation.com/social66) , answered to our questions related to their new album and best songs…

RYL: The new album “Social 66” is set to be released april 1st, how you gonna launch it? What do you plan for your fans?

SOCIAL 66: We are doing a two week tour with Soil n tantric, to coincide with the 4-1 release date. 

RYL: The first single is “Sorry”, what inspired the lyrics of this song?

SOCIAL 66:  The melody first….then, thinking about the lengths we go through, just to apologize


RYL: How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

SOCIAL 66: In the studio, on the fly, in the moment 

RYL: What do you want to achieve with this new album?

SOCIAL 66: Global domination?

RYL :  🙂

RYL: Tell us about the song “Perfect World”, how have you written its verses?

SOCIAL 66: in the moment, its about regret

RYL: “One in the same” is one of our favorite songs of the album, what it does mean for you?

SOCIAL 66: Its one of the first ” real” songs i have ever written, referring to melody , structure, etc. 

RYL: Which is the thing you love the most in music?

SOCIAL66: TBH….i haven’t found it yet. 

RYL: Tell us about your upcoming tour….

SOCIAL66: Its a two week run with Tantric and Soil, starts in MI and ends in Fla, good opportunity for us to get our feet wet and to start the journey of promoting this album. 


RYL: Which is the last verse you wrote?

SOCIAL66:  Last track on the album ” A Memory Born To Die”.  

My life is in painful shape

But i cant stop now

Ive been here before

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