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After Bohemian Rhapsody ( https://rockyourlyrics.com/bohemian-rhapsody-the-queen) “Somebody to love” is the second song we are going to talk about.

The song has been released in 1976 (one year after Bohemian Rhapsody) and is part of the album “A day at the races”.

Despite the fact that the album was released when Queen were still “young” and not  enough known to the big public, Somebody to love shows that the band can go from Opera to Gospel, from Rock to Pop Rock and other genres.

It is the polyhedric approach of their singer , Freddy Mercury, that will contribute in making Th Queen of the most representative band of

the eighties.somebody to love






Freddy Mercury wrote the lyrics and composed the music, getting inspired by the Gospel of Aretha Franklin.

Somebody to love” says that it is difficult, in these modern days, to find the real love and it is also a personal request made by Freddie to God…..” why you don’t find me somebody to love?”




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