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your new album is titled ” somewhere between “, what does it represents for you?


Somewhere Between represents many things for us but basically sums up our band life. It depicts touring life and life back in reality, the day to day and adjusting to those juxtaposing lives.

Musically we’re somewhere between, people struggle to define and categorise our style.

Indie is a very broad spectrum, we use a lot of synthesis as well as electronica, dance and EDM elements from house music. But the overall feel is one of a nostalgia towards 80s underground synth work.

Film soundtracks from that era while blending it with hooky melodies, heavy guitars and big drums.

So we’re Somewhere Between Indie and Alt Rock, House, Pop… just listen, you’ll like it.


what inspired its lyrics?


The lyrics are usually drawn from personal situations, that of us as individuals or of the people who are around us.


do you remember how you wrote “Picking up the pieces”?


Simon wrote the origins of this song when he was about 15. Its a story of a friend who’s stuck in a bad relationship and you being the shoulder to cry on.

It felt important for the song to feature on the album being one of the earliest creations.

It just needed to musically be modernised and moulded to fit the album.


how do you usually, write a song?


There’s no set method, it can come from a guitar lick, a drum pattern, a phrasing of lyrics or a chord sequence.

Run from you was created from a Voice Memo recorded on Simon’s phone sent to Sean.

One line, “I resign my heart, till it falls apart but I will never run from you, I will never run from you” from there he imported it into logic and tuned it up, wrote a chord sequence behind it and arranged it from there.


what is the best verse you wrote?


All a matter of opinion really, for me some of my favourite lines and verses are in Fear To Feel, “Constance burns in embers once aflame, smouldered fires will find their heat again”.

Also our most poignant song is probably The Other Side of Sadness, which is written about the bereavement that Simon and Paul went through when the former drummer and a very close friend committed suicide.


Uncertain grief we all release,

Fluttering hearts for missing beats.

The other side of sadness was laughter in a mask,

Recovery uncertain like questions I can’t ask.


The river burst its banks as I cry,

These tears will dry,

The tears will dry.

I will tremble as I speak,

The words will run away from me.


Wounds will heal, the scars will fade away

Wounds will heal, the scars will fade away


You are the only one that knows the truth,

And in my dreams I always cut you loose.

It’s the same, Every dream

We release, we fight back, we relapse and collapse


And one of your favourite songs?


Favourite song!? This constantly changing for each one of us. It depends on the mood, our situation…

Live my favourite is probably Cold Conscience because I’m constantly jumping from Synth, to Guitar & vocal harmonies then a solo fitting of an 80s power ballad.

Although the roar you get from peoples reactions to the crescendo in on Somewhere Between and Run From You.

The emotion of the strings and complex time signatures in Fear To Feel. The strutting rhythm of sleepwalking.


tell us more about “No Resolve”….


No Resolve is a clever package, the uptempo groove and melody disguise the fact that the song is written about the emotional turmoil of loving someone but knowing it won’t work out.

A relationship breakup and having to move on, accepting the end but not understanding why.

Watch it burn watch it dissolve, Love lost and no resolve

Restless love remind me of The truth I’m without you

Reckless eyes you’ll recognise I’m still in love with you

I often dreamt we’d co-exist.
Our worlds collide and do not fit. Life’s too short to live regrets
My heart’s still beating in my chest for love.

Its all true



what inspired “cold conscience “?

Cold Conscience is written about adultery, its written from the perspective of the voice in your head. The angel on the shoulder, recognising the mistakes you’re making and the guilt you should be feeling.


what is the best suggestion that you ever received and the one that you would give to your fans?


Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

I’m not saying it in the religious sense but I think fairness and treatment of other human beings should be equal and kind in nature.

Smile at people, give thanks where its due and above all else have some manners. Hold open doors for people, acknowledge the person next to you and give up your seat for people who are more in need.

Small things can make someones day.

are you going to tour Europe soon? We notice that you have canceled few dates…


We are indeed working with our European Booking Agent to get out there as soon as possible definitely in the new year!

So keep up to date on our socials and website, and sign up to BandsInTown app


Photo by Mary Welch Photography


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