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RYL: We love the title of your new album “ Songs that people actually liked volume 1”, funded (153% amazing!!) by your fans trough “Pledge Music” …..how happy are you of the result achieved

BOWLING FOR SOUP: WE couldn’t be happier!

Our fans are so amazing. I know everyone says that, but I mean it. 20 years as a band and almost 7 since we had any sort of a hit….IT is awesome how loyal the BFS peeps really are!

RYL: do you think is there a “fil rouge” among all the songs released in the first ten years of your career?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: I had to google that. I guess it would have to be the Bitch Song. That’s the one that really started everything and clenched our nitch…

RYL:  Tell us everything about our favorite “The Bitch song”, what inspired its verses?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: Ha! Oh wow, I didn’t read ahead…That is crazy…Erik and I both had girlfriends at the time that were just plain MEAN…His in particular showed the most characteristics I point out in this song…We tried swapping girlfriends for a bit, and that helped some…ha! I kid…Or DO I?

RYL: How do you, usually, write the lyrics of your songs?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: Concept is everything. Once I have a concept, the lyrics and melody follow and the chords place themselves. No concept = Shitty song…As far as MY writing goes.

RYL: Which is the best verse you ever wrote?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: Man…I don’t know. That is really tough. I am REALLY proud of a few songs. We have a song called “This Ain’t My Day” that I think, lyrically, is insane…I even listen to that one quite often!

RYL: Do you remember how you wrote “Emily”?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: I do. I was in the way back seat in the van and I had a distoriton pedal, a guitar and headphones….along with a journal I wrote in.

The “Emilllleeeeeeaggh agh agh” part came first and I always thought I would put words in for the aghs….The song originally started “IT wasn’t supposed to tbe like this…You told me to slit my wrist…” That was where it all poured from…The label made me change that line…I was kinda pissed…A LOT kinda pissed…But you pick your battles.

RYL: If we give you one dollar to spend in purchasing a song, what would you buy?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: Right now I would by the country song called “I love you period” by Dan Baird…I heard it a few days ago and can’t stop singing it! I have a new country project with my Girlfriend’s dad, who is MY age (!!!!) and we are covering it….So great!


RYL: Real Punk is still alive…. or now punk-pop is taking the stage?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: I think it all blends together. There is no right answer here…I may not spit on bands or elbow my friends in the face, but I took a shit at CBGBs and lived in a van for two years, so I don’t know how you can say I am not Punk Rock.

RYL: What is the most important thing while writing a song?

BOWLING FOR SOUP: Back to concept. But I also think it is important to not get bogged down on parts…Normally, if I spend more than 10 minutes on a part, no matter if it is with BFS, People On Vacation or Jarinus, It is shit!





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