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Sophia Black has released the video for “Real Shit” [feat. Kyle]. The new video follows Black as she unswervingly navigates through party culture problems – like “when you’re dancing with someone and you think it’s lit, but when the lights turn on and they look like piss.” Shot in a vintage VHS style, the video takes on a nostalgic nineties movies and vintage MTV vibe.
“Real Shit” [feat. Kyle] features a laidback beat punctuated by Black’s clever, on-point rhymes, which are accentuated by an iconic and hilarious verse by Kyle. “It’s essentially about living and partying in Los Angeles,” Black admits. “We took all of these funny things that happened as well as some favorite memes and created our answer to Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic’.”
Since emerging in 2014, this Los Angeles born and based pop disruptor has worked towards conjuring such a trip for listeners, fashioning a style as diverse as her trilingual Japanese and Native American background. Moreover, the songstress built up a loyal following along the way. 
The last time we heard from her was 2015’s self-titled EP, which yielded a string of independent viral hits. “Anchor” clocked over 4 million Spotify streams as “Mizu” surpassed the 2-million-mark, and “Vibration,” “K I S S I N G,” and “OVR AGN” all cracked 1 million. Between steady touring nationwide, she drew acclaim from various media outlets. 
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