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Atlanta-based glam punk rockers Starbenders have released their latest offering “Love Potions (Zodiac Deluxe)” via Sumerian Records in honor of their one-year anniversary of the release of their full-length debut album “Love Potions“. “Love Potions (Zodiac Deluxe)” includes five new songs captured during the making of their full length debut, including a Celtic-tinged, mandolin-laced interpretation of their single “BITCHES BE WITCHES” along with a trip hop, nineties inspired remix of “Push“. Not only that, Starbenders have also released a thirty minute live set from taken at Maze Studios in Atlanta. Speaking to the release, Starbenders shares:
2020 seemed to fictionalize our lives and scatter everyone to the digital winds as we existed online only. Not being able to take our release to the people was hard to swallow but we managed to still find ways to connect. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Love Potions, we decided to commemorate it with a deluxe edition. “Love Potions (Zodiac Deluxe)” is a thank you to all the people that have supported us all along the way.
Starbenders have also dropped the first track “Angel” from the deluxe album. Kimi Shelter shares her inspiration behind the song:
I had a friend overdose and lose their life to opioid addiction. It gutted me to see their flame and all its potential vanish. My beautiful friend was one of the most dazzling and talented individuals I had met. His tragedy found its way into the words and vibe of “Angel”. The opioid crisis in the United States has touched countless lives and has only gotten worse during the pandemic of 2020. It’s nearly impossible to be liberated from the physical grip of addiction without support and fellowship as the pull to use is so strong. The main line in the song, “is my angel holding?” attempts to capture the cunning and baffling nature of addiction. Here you are on the edge of life and death and your only thought is, “hey, can I still score?” “is my angel holding?” Fellow Atlantan Peter Stroud, Sheryl Crow’s guitarist and music director played the slide guitars on “Angel” which pushed the track to its emotional zenith. My hope and prayer is that the isolation and loneliness that 2020 brought fades away as we find our way back toward humanity. If you have someone in your life who is suffering, make sure to give them a hug and tell them that you love them. It might be your last chance to share how you feel.
Listen to “Love Potions (Zodiac Deluxe)” HERE, and check out the Starbenders live set HERE.

Track Listing:

1. Hanging’ On Tonight
2. Getting Harder
3. Previous (feat. Remington Leith)
4. Holy Mother
6. London
7. Push
8. Never Gonna Die
9. Cover Me
10. Can’t Cheat Time
11. Coming Up Roses
12. Down & Out
13. Something Ain’t Right
14. One Of Us
15. True Love
16. Salt
17. Plastic Touch
18. Green Eyes
19. Angel
20. Push (Remix)

There really isn’t anyone else out there doing what Starbenders have been since forming in 2014: the intoxicating combination of ’70s glitter and ’80s glam with new wave and new romantic, seduced into this new decade by four thrilling musicians and, in frontwoman Kimi Shelter, one of the most exciting songwriters in contemporary rock & roll.

The band is completed by bassist Aaron Lecesne, guitarist Kriss Tokaji and drummer Emily Moon. The band’s latest album, “Love Potions“, sees Starbenders moving in a more adventurous and slightly experimental direction.

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