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Long Island, NY hardcore heavyweights, Stray From The Path, released their new full-length, “Internal Atomics” (click to stream/download), late last year via UNFD, garnering praise from various media outlets. The band share their new music video for album highlight“Beneath The Surface”.  “Internal Atomics” is a biting, socially-conscious album full of groove-laden riffs and pummeling drums, but it also contains a message of empathy and a desire for understanding.“Beneath The Surface” is one of the album’s most direct explorations of these universal themes, and also highlights Stray From The Path‘s ability to blend musical aggression with memorable hooks. The song’s music video was directed by the band’s bassist, Anthony Altamura.

Stray From The Path have been bringing their charged-up punk fury and politically outspoken voice to the masses for the better part of two decades and “Internal Atomics” is proof that they aren’t slowing down any time soon. The album finds Stray From The Path more ferocious than ever, a vital voice for reason, empathy, and change in challenging times. “Internal Atomics” pushes Stray From The Path‘s distinctive rhythmic aggression to breakneck levels as guitarist Tom Williams‘ powerful riffs work in tandem with the crushing engine room of Altamura and Craig Reynolds (drums) to create a hybrid of all things heavy-yet-hooky. Vocalist Drew Dijorio‘s unique hardcore-meets-hip hop delivery is on full display throughout “Internal Atomics”, spitting out lyrics that rail against apathy towards the suffering of others, toxic dog-eat-dog culture, myopic worldviews, institutional corruption, and the selfishly misplaced priorities of past generations. Stray From The Path seek to plant seeds of positive change, and “Internal Atomics” provides both a release for frustration and a path to action.

“Internal Atomics” is out now from UNFD.

Internal Atomics” tracklist:
1. Ring Leader
2. Kickback (ft. Brendan Murphy)
3. The First Will Be Last
4. Fortune Teller
5. Second Death
6. Beneath The Surface
7. Something In The Water
8. Holding Cells For The Living Dead
9. Double Down (ft. Matt Honeycutt)
10. Actions Not Words


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