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$uicideboy$ are back with their second single of 2018 – “Either Hated Or Ignored” – and haters, they “ain’t trying to be your fuckin’ friend.”

Against a hauntingly melodic electronic backdrop, the New Orleans-based rap duo delivers a raw message to its detractors. Released today by G59 Records/Caroline, “Either Hated Or Ignored” is available for download/streaming HERE.

Ruby da Cherry of $uicideboy$ explains,

“‘Either Hated Or Ignored’ is our favorite track from a batch of songs we recorded in late 2017 when we were starting to work on the new album.

While our success has brought us respect from our fans and a lot of material rewards, that doesn’t automatically translate into happiness.

We’re still looking to gain respect in the industry, but we also realize our happiness isn’t going to come out of what other people think of us. It’s something we can only find by digging deeper inside ourselves.”

He adds, “We plan on releasing our best music to date in 2018. This track in particular we decided to release now because the emotions we express are the same ones we’ve felt since last year.”

The duo’s new album will be out this summer.

Featured artists include Lil Wayne. $uicideboy$ have racked up more than one billion streams worldwide across their entire catalog and have more than 3.5 million followers across social media.

The single “FUCKALLOFYOU2K18,” released in February, has more than two million streams worldwide. Video views of  “For The Last Time” surpassed four million in less than a month.

The song is part of the KILL YOURSELF PART XX: THE INFINITY SAGA, a five-EP collection released on September 11, 2017. Combined views of $uicideboy$ videosaverage 30 million a month.

$uicideboy$ make the kind of music parents just don’t get – a point that the Beastie Boys’ Mike D recently brought home when he told Vulture,

“It was weird to me that I wasn’t hearing things that my kids related to that I couldn’t embrace. When they did hit on something, I was like, Finally! When they started listening to $uicideboy$ I was like, ‘That’s it. That checks the boxes. It’s really loud, I can’t really relate, I don’t really want to listen to it. I understand exactly why it’s good and I see exactly the music it’s combining, but I don’t need to participate and I’m good with that.’”


The duo – founded by $crim and his cousin, Ruby da Cherry, in 2014 – is from Louisiana’s Seventh Ward, a violent, neglected, crime-ridden section of New Orleans. Their name is a reference to a pact the cousins made: if they didn’t make it by age 30, they would end their lives. Hailed by XXL Magazine as “one of the fastest growing acts in hip-hop right now,”$uicideboy$ have played Lollapalooza and completed sold-out tours of the U.S., Europe and Asia.





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