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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

When I write my music, it’s definitely based off inspiration…

The way I write always got to be a vibe, if it feels off in the room I never wanna force it.
What I usually do is go into the booth, let the engineer loop the track a couple times and then I try to freestyle melodies/lyrics, and boom there’s my song.

when was the last time you wrote something? 
Last time I wrote something was actually last week in New York, I traveled out there to focus on my spanish EP that’ll be releasing in April.


are you happy with the success your EP “summer with friends “ is obtaining?
Absolutely, This was my first project out, I think it had a great variety of vibes I wanted to put out as a new artist, and the feedback is amazing.

what inspired the song “ questions”?
A relationship I was in. No trust… My guy wasn’t really honest with me throughout my relationship so I wrote a female driven record.

and “all day”?
I needed that feel good record… Especially on a bachata beat… Retro and I wrote that song so effortlessly and I wanted a song to make people feel good about themselves, boss up and not let anyone get in your way.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?
The best verse I wrote was a verse in an unreleased record I got called “same” Speaking on how people change when they see change happening in your life and not their own.


and the one of your favorite song (not written by you)?
One of my favorite songs is “Treat me like somebody” by Tink.

are you planning to tour soon?
Yes, next year I plan on headling my own tour.


do you remember the day you wrote “on”?

I do, I was in the studio with my boy GO and Retro and we we’re just flowing bouncing off ideas and melodies in the studio, we wrote the song pretty quick and it was such a fun experience.

what was the happiest moment of your career?

The happiest moment of my career so far has been seeing the hard work I put in show. The music videos, different looks I’ve been getting, being able to help my family out financially here and there. Those are the best moments.




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