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Arizona’s favorite indie punks Sundressed have shared details of their highly anticipated new album “Home Remedy”. Set to be released on September 18th via the band’s new home Rude Records“Home Remedy” features previous singles “Home Remedy” and “Oh Please”. The band also shared new single “Your Frequency”.

Home Remedy is a record about getting better by any means necessary” shares frontman Trevor Hedges. “Despite many setbacks, I truly believe we were able to make our most authentic and honest record yet”.

He continues: “’Your Frequency’ is about the “side-hustle” culture. How its never okay to relax, how something always comes up when you’re almost ahead. This song is about the desire to have less worry about essential needs and have more time to be human”.

Living on such a chaotic planet, tossing and turning is inevitable. It’s hard to sleep in the midst of uncertainty. That’s why Sundressed was born. Lead vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges began his project in 2012, with the initial purpose of maintaining his sobriety. Now, 8 years later, Hedges has refocused the project’s mission, writing songs that tackle mental health issues for others to take solace in. His confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies inspire hope in listeners to continue moving forward.

With the addition of AJ Peacox (guitar), Vic Chan (drums), Matthew Graham, and Justin Portillo, Sundressed has never sounded better. With “Home Remedy”, produced by Mike Pepe, the band is determined to make a positive impact, one lyric at a time.

Home Remedy” Tracklisting:
1. Home Remedy
2. Explode! (Into Pieces)
3. No Thanks
4. Is This a Drug
5. Oh Please
6. Size of my Heart
7. Your Frequency
8. Sensitive Motherf*cker
9. The Facts
10. Cash Out


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