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How have you prepared the release of your EP “Superclean Vol 1”? What was the most difficult moment of its preparation?

Maria: The most difficult part was the post-production process.

Writing and recording the songs was the most seamless process for sure. But when it came down to finding the right person to mix and master and making sure that all of the songs had a cohesive sound, that was where it got a bit tricky.

But we learned, and it’ll hopefully be more seamless for Volume II.

Josh: Yeah post production was definitely the most difficult. By the last song that needed mixing, we finally figured out the system we we’re looking for.

We write, record, then I will mix what I can, then send that version off to get mixed by someone who can really make it sound good.

Thankfully, Volume 2 will be a much smoother ride because of this.

Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all its songs?


Maria: Looking back, the link seems to be love. Since Josh and I wrote these songs together, we definitely pulled inspiration from our relationship.


What inspired the verses of “Dejate Llevar”?

Maria: I wrote these lyrics early on into our relationship, so they were inspired by the push and pull and the uncertainty and fear that you may feel at the start of a new relationship.

Josh: What’s funny about that is that I don’t speak fluent Spanish, so I didn’t find out that the song was about our relationship until after we had recorded it.


Do you remember writing “I don’t know you”?

Maria: Oh yeah. The chorus melody and lyrics came out of nowhere and both came at the same time.

It was one of those serendipitous moments where you feel that something supernatural is working through you.

The actual production of the song was an idea that hit Josh while we were on our way to Joshua Tree for a weekend.

Josh: I remember being in the car on the way to Joshua Tree and she played me this voice note of her with an acoustic guitar and she was singing the chorus.

Immediately I started singing the bass line and drum beat. When we got to Joshua Tree we opened up garage band on Marias computer and the rest of the production came together.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


Maria: I’m proud of a lot of verses we’ve written together and my favorite could change moment to moment. But at this very moment, I really like the verses in ‘Déjate Llevar,’ both lyrically and melodically.

Josh: In ‘I Like It’, I remember loving the way the line, “always a step ahead of your other guys” felt while singing it.

Not necessarily my favorite lyric but the cadence is a lot of fun.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


Maria: Many different ways, depending on how inspiration hits us at that moment.


What is the last song you wrote?


Maria: We’ve been working on one for Volume II called ‘Flashy on a Five.’ The title will probably change, but it’s gonna be a fun one for sure.


What does music mean to you?


Maria: It depends on the moment. Sometimes, I find it healing. Sometimes, it’s an escape from reality.

Other times, it’s a way to move and dance and groove and just have a good time.

Josh: Music can be a lot of things for me.

An escape, a ‘pep talk’, an emotional accompaniment, a glass of red wine, a shot of tequila, a slap to the face, a harder slap to the face, a face for you to slap. I experience all of these ‘musical environments’ at least once a week.


What makes you happy in life?


Maria: Finishing a song I feel really proud of. Aside from music – animals, family, the holidays, seeing others happy.

Josh: Music and our dog, Lucy.


Photography by Yana Yatsuk

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