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You know what is a “Black Hole” right? For the ones of you that don’t know, a black hole is a region of space-time where gravity prevents everything (including light!) to escape….

Well, scary isn’t? Now imagine a SUPERMASSIVE black hole…. is the largest one that can reach a dimension of billions of solar masses.

Luckily for us Supermassive Black Hole is also a title of a song of The Muse….the title is just a metaphor…. the song talks about a love story that is about to end…. the two lovers are about to split very soon since they cannot understand each other anymore.

What about the black holes then? The black hole is the left part of our brain, the part that is more rational that captures and destroys all our dreams and hopes…..is the one that doesn’t allow us to live fully.

Mattew Bellamy, with this song, confirms once again his ability as a lyricist, but more than that…he is a modern poet.

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